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The Effects Of Exposure On Early Child Behavior - 1732 Words

behavior. The study conducted on the impact of exposure to community violence on early child behavior problems confirm the idea that children even raised in harsh or poor environments, is not a valid reason as to why these children are committing these violent crimes. In the study it was found that the link between community violence and problematic behavior during the early years of child development is still an unknown problem to confirm a direct linkage to a child’s behavior (Linares 639). I believe it is very hard and maybe too complicated for psychologist to connect child behaviors to the environments they are developed in because there could be so many situations or problems that could affect ones behavior, and many that may reside outside a child’s home. It comes a point in time when blaming someone for the excuses of another is not the answer or solution to the problem. In the U.S., the age of criminal responsibility is determined by the state laws. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, children below a certain age are too young to be held responsible for breaking the law (UNICEF 56). This concept comes from the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is a guideline for nations on the treatment of any child below the age of 18 who runs afoul of the law. It calls for countries to create an age at which children are too young to be held responsible for their actions and therefore too young to face criminal sanctions. Because the Convention does notShow MoreRelatedFood Texture And Taste Effect On Acceptance And Preference Of Food932 Words   |  4 PagesMonths and Food Preferences, Dietary Intake Patterns, Fussy Eating Behavior, and Weight Status at Age 3.7 Years† by Mallan, Fildes, Magarey, and Daniels, they study the exposure to higher amounts of vegetables, noncore foods (low nutrients) and fruits at 14 months of age t o see if it is connected to the consumption of these foods, as well as to the child’s preference for these foods. The authors also study these higher exposures to fruits, noncore foods and vegetables to see if it relates to weightRead MoreBandura s Social Learning Theory And Attachment Theory1260 Words   |  6 Pagesmechanisms that underlie the impact of child abuse. This essay will examine these competing theories to determine which mechanisms are most strongly supported for families at high risk for child abuse and/or neglect (Begle, Dumas Hanson, 2010). Social Learning Theory Social learning theory suggests that the mechanism underlying the continuity of violence is observational learning in which children who were abused learn to repeat abusive or neglectful modeled behavior (Begle, Dumas Hanson, 2010). ObservationalRead MoreRelationship Between Marital Conflict And Children s Peer Relationships1439 Words   |  6 Pagesof the study. The child’s parents, teachers, peers and the child were asked to answer various questionnaires including the Children’s Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale (CPIC), Conflict Tactics Scale, the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL), the Problem Behavior Questionnaire, and a peer nomination technique. It is expected that there will be a link between marital conflict and children’s negative adjustment with with peers. The Effect of Marital Conflict on Children’s Peer Relationships ThroughoutRead MoreEssay on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome1390 Words   |  6 PagesNutrition is a key component of an individual’s healthy well being. Many factors have a significant effect on nutrition and it is important to continuously maintain a balanced one. Having a good nutrition is one of the main defenses for an innumerous amount of illnesses and diseases that can harm the body. One would ask, â€Å"What is nutrition per say, and how do we maintain the balance of it?† Nutrition is defined as â€Å"the sum of the processes by which [a living thing] takes in and utilizes foodRead MoreThe Negative Results of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence 979 Words   |  4 Pages Sousa et al. 2009). According to research conducted by John W. Fantuzzo and Wanda K. Mohr (1999): â€Å"Exposure to domestic violence can include watching or hearing the violent events, direct involvement (for example, trying to intervene or calling the police), or experiencing the aftermath (f or example, seeing bruises or observing maternal depression)† (Fantuzzo Mohr, 22). The effects of exposure can lead to behavioral and developmental issues at a young age or interpersonal relationships down theRead MoreEffects Of Domestic Violence On Children990 Words   |  4 PagesHolmes, when a child is exposed to domestic violence at an early age, that child adapts to these adverse circumstance and situations (Holmes, 2013). Therefore, children who are regularly exposed to domestic violence may initially display less aggressive behaviors than children who are never exposed. However, this is due to their fear of being a victim of a physical assault (Holmes, 2013). This finding was interesting because it shows how deeply the children are affected by exposure to domestic violenceRead MoreThe Negative Results of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence854 Words   |  4 Pagesdepression)† (Fantuzzo Mohr, 22). The effects of exposure can vary from direct effects such as behavioral and developmental issues to interpersonal relationships, all of which lead to detrimental prospects on the child’s development. This paper will explore those effects and how it affects children. Exposure to violence in the first years of life brings about helplessness and terror which can be attributed to the lack of protection received by the parent. The child can no longer trust their parentRead MoreThe Health Of The Community- Public Health778 Words   |  4 Pages1) Factors that Influence the Health of the Community- Public health seeks to prevent environmental conditions such as: Asbestos exposure, lead exposure, radon exposure, mercury exposure, radioactivity and radiation, ground and surface water contamination, contaminated and abandoned wells, food- borne and waterborne disease, air contamination (second- hand smoke, molds, carbon monoxide, etc.), public health nuisances (e.g., animal control, noise pollution), occupational disease (e.g., farmer s lungRead MoreMedia Violence Essay1529 Words   |  7 PagesThere has been far-reaching research on the link between televised violence and violent behavior amongst adolescents. Current studies have shown a direct corre lation between aggressive conduct and watching violence depicted in many media services and suggest that media is a variable that put children at risk of aggressive behavior (Huesmann, Moise-Titus, Podolski, Eron, 1992). According to the American Psychological Association, watching playing violent scenes them on games and television, canRead MoreThe Effects Of Television On Children s Brain1039 Words   |  5 Pages The Effects of Television on Children Television sets can be found in almost every American’s home. They’re used for news report, daily weather forecast and for pleasure. However, time spent in front of the tube is linked to having adverse affects in the development of children’s brains. Excess screen time can be linked to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, aggressive behavior, poor mental development, and physical health issues later in life. In one study a young six year old boy was

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A Brief Look at Climate Change - 669 Words

The global climate system is complex and its response to future anthropogenic greenhouse gases and to climate change adaptation, is often poorly understood. Climate change is an area where modeling in the framework of complex adaptive systems can improve our knowledge both with respect to the internal structure and adaptive mechanisms of climate and our capacity for designing efficient climate adaptation policies. Modeling of these systems includes a dynamic system consisting of transition equations describing the evolution of state variables characterizing the natural system, such as CO2 concentrations in the upper and lower atmosphere and in the oceans, and state variables characterizing the economic systems, such as physical capital and knowledge. The complex adaptive character of the system implies that the dynamic system will be nonlinear and nonconvex, will allow for nonlinear feedbacks and multiple basins of attraction, will evolve both in the temporal and spatial dimension, a nd will be influenced by forward looking optimizing economic agents (Xepapadeas, 2010). Moreover, any rational policy choice must consider the uncertainty about the magnitude and timing of climate changes impact on economic productivity (Cai et al., 2013). The majority of the literature, including the recent U.S. Government Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Carbon (IWG, 2013) does not model the stochastic nature of the climate and economic systems. Recent work, such as that of CaiShow MoreRelatedA Brief Look at Climate Change1461 Words   |  6 PagesThere is no doubt that climate change is happening around the world. Climate change is occurring everywhere, but not everyone can see it. Some people fail to realize that climate change is happening because they aren’t aware of what it is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is â€Å"the change in global climate patterns are attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.† Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the air, which captures the sun’s heat. In return, the earth isRead MoreA Brief Look at Climate Change1838 Words   |  7 PagesClimate change continues to be one of the biggest issues in the world today, both politic ally and economically because it aggravates average increases in the global temperature and contributes to rising seawater levels around the world, posing serious threats to human life. A required immediate response from the government to rectify the climate change problem includes penalizing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Hence a carbon tax should be aimed at: lowering GHGs emissions by penalizing pollutersRead MoreClimate Change in Earth1381 Words   |  6 Pagesmy view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today-more serious even than the threat of terrorism. (King, 2004) were the wise words of Chief Scientific Advisor to the United Kingdom Government. For decades two major topics have been discussed from scholars to mere regular individuals. Rich people, the less fortunate, people from Canada or people from the Middle East, these two topics affect everyone. Those two topics are: climate change and tourism. Climate change can be definedRead MoreBp and Oil Spill996 Words   |  4 PagesBP was the  ªrst of these companies to change from a reactive to a proactive climate strategy formulation. In 1996, it withdrew from the oppositional Global Climate Coalition (GCC), which was characterized as the most powerful lobby organization in climate policy.28 BP then accepted the climate change problem as diagnosed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and gave its support to the Kyoto Protocol. In 1998 BP’s strategy formu- lation developed further in a proactive directionRead MoreHow Climate Change Is Inherently Flawed1230 Words   |  5 Pagesrenewed interest in the topic of climate change. In the 2016 Presidential election, the green party received over 1.2 million popular votes nationwide, when they usually receive only 100 thousand or so. With an increased interest in the topic of climate change, I feel it is necessary to provide factual data and projections on the path climate change will take to decrease misinformation. I proclaim the correct course of action to solve the problem of climate change is to do nothing. Almost every argumentRead MoreTaking a Look at Resilient Cities1778 Words   |  7 PagesResilient Cities is fairly simple, it identifies a problem that cities are subject to and offers possible solutions. Peak oil and climate change pose huge threats to cities in the near future. Many countries and cities have response plans for crises such as terrorism and natural disasters, but very few are equipped to handle the consequences of oil shortages or climate change disasters. Cities must adapt to this possibility by becoming resilient, or risk total collapse. In these one hundred and eighty-fourRead MorePollution Horticulture821 Words   |  4 Pagesindustry especially with the current economic climate(Hale, 2010). Organically grown plants are less guaranteed having a yield of 10-20% less on average than non organically grown(Leifert, 2010). another effect of pollution is climate change(Houghton, 2010). This undoubtedly will challenge commercial horticulture in a number of ways, firstly it will have a impact on irrigation(Jerry Knox et al, 2007). As the temperature in the UK rises due to climate change by an estimated 1-5 °C annually by the endRead MoreWhat We Know About Climate Change By Kerry Emanuel1140 Words   |  5 Pagestemperature or change within the gases that which compose the atmosphere. What We Know About Climate Change by Kerry Emanuel aims to address this issue of Earth’s vulnerability head-on as it suggests the plausible causes for the undeniable planetary warming observed in the last century all the while proposing pragmatic solutions to discontinue the unnatural processes credited with the abnormal warming. Brimming with absorbing and educative statistics and facts, What We Know About Climate Change first choosesRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Global Issue Essay1115 Words   |  5 Pagesbelieves that global warming is a real issue that must be addressed. The world is now at the step in which it must take action to combat climate change. In the push to do this, many countries report their carbon emissions. However, in reporting our carbon emissions, many people are jumping to conclusions by wrongly pointing at China as most responsible for climate change. A Reuters article from April 13, 2015 titled â€Å"China to surpass U.S. as top cause of modern global warming† talked about how ChinaRead MoreSeattle Times Report : Climate Change1266 Words   |  6 PagesSeattle Times Report: Climate-change effects are already apparent in NW Review by Laura Sanders INTRODUCTION Seattle Times reporter Sandi Doughton wrote an article about the impacts climate change is having and could potentially have in the future on the Pacific Northwest. The article outlines the findings in the third National Climate Assessment, published in 2014. The National Climate Assessment summarizes the impacts on climate change on the United States and is compiled by a team of more

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Smoking Cessation Is The Most Important Component Of A...

According to the CDC guidelines, promoting smoking cessation is the most important component of a comprehensive state tobacco control agenda to reduce tobacco use. Smokers who quit at any age can prevent most of the risk of smoking related diseases including death, and has an immediate and long-term health benefit. Evidence-based research shows that statewide tobacco control programs that are comprehensive, sustained, and accountable have reduce smoking rates, as well as tobacco-related diseases and deaths. This comprehensive approach includes education, clinical, regulatory, economic, and social strategies. States that have made larger investments in comprehensive tobacco control programs have seen larger declines in cigarettes sales than†¦show more content†¦In 2007, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report presented a blueprint for action to â€Å"reduce smoking so substantially that it is no longer a public health problem for our nation.† The two-pronged strategy fo r achieving this goal includes: 1) strengthening and fully implementing currently proven tobacco control measures; and 2) changing the regulatory landscape to permit policy innovations. Among the IOM recommendations is that each state should fund a comprehensive tobacco control program at the level that the CDC recommends. Today, the CDC is the only federal agency that provides funding to help support all 50 states, the District of Columbia, eight U.S. territories, and twelve tribal organizations for tobacco control efforts, and is at the forefront of the nation’s efforts to reduce deaths and prevent chronic diseases that result from tobacco use. The agency and its partners promote tobacco control interventions, including actions to prevent youth from starting to use tobacco, smoke-free environments, programs to help tobacco users quit, and steps to eliminate tobacco-related health disparities in different population groups. In 2016 alone, the CDC have supported and funded the smoking cessation programs in these areas with close to $75 million and to ensure and expand state quitline capacity (CDC, 2016). Conceptual Framework For our smoking cessationShow MoreRelatedTobacco Cessation1976 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and worldwide (Centers for Disease Control, 2013, World Health Organization, 2008). Tobacco cessation counseling is a vital component of any public health strategy seeking to decrease mortality, disease and costs associated with smoking. To that end, the Healthy People 2020 Tobacco Use Objectives cover three main areas: reducing tobacco use, instituting health system changes, and creating social and environmentalRead MoreRaising The Legal Minimum Age For Smoking Among Young Adults Essay1814 Words   |  8 Pagesincrease in young adult smoking, compares trends in smoking among young adults with trends in the use of other substances. National data propose that the recent detected an increase in smoking among young adults is primarily an artefact of the almost simultaneous increase in smoking among high school students. In addition, however, it also appears that there have been real changes in smoking patterns among young adults. While many questions remain regarding recent trends in tobacco and other drug useRead MoreBanning Tobacco Price Promotions, Smoking Related Beliefs And Behavior3355 Words   |  14 PagesBanning tobacco price promotions, smoking-related beliefs and behavior: Findings from the International Tobacco Control four-country cohort survey Abstract Purpose: We examined how prohibiting tobacco price promotion at the national level influenced smoking-related beliefs and behaviors. Method: We used data from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation project four-country cohort. Smokers and recent quitters at wave 8 (N = 4,114) were included in multivariate logistic regression modelsRead MoreThe Effects of Culture and Ethnicity on Tobacco Prevention and Cessation5317 Words   |  21 Pagesï » ¿ Introduction Tobacco usage remains the main preventable reason for loss of life and illness within the US, with almost 443,000 fatalities taking place yearly due to smoking cigarettes and contact with second-hand cigarette smoke (CDC, 2008). Furthermore, almost ninety percent of adult people who smoke start using cigarettes from age eighteen years (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2012). To evaluate present cigarette usage amongst youths, CDC examined information via the 2011 NationalRead MoreSmoking Term Paper3599 Words   |  15 PagesSmoking: The Risks of Smoking by Jack Jeffries CCC English Ms. Clarke 6 April 2011 Jeffries 1 Jack Jeffries Ms. Clarke CCC English 6 April 2011 Smoking: The Risks of Smoking According to the World Health Organization, someone dies from the use of tobacco every eight seconds. Tobacco is used in many different products. A few of these products are bidis, chew, cigars, dip, hookah, and cigarettes. In the United States of America, where 12 million dollars a year is spent on tobacco awarenessRead MoreThe Effects Of E Cigarettes On The United States5297 Words   |  22 Pagesthe nicotine without the other 4,000 chemicals present in tobacco cigarette smoke (Schroeder). Nicotine is a chemical that is produced by the tobacco plant. People have discovered that by smoking the leaves of a tobacco plant the nicotine in the leaves is delivered into the bloodstream. Nicotine by itself is not an awful drug as far as drugs go, although it is highly addictive, it is the tar in cigarettes that does so much damage. Tobacco use remains the number one preventable cause of death in theRead MoreThe Ethical Dilemma of E-Cigarette Regulation1923 Words   |  8 Page sor more competing values are important and in conflict. If you serve one value, you cannot server another, or you must deny of disserve one or more values in order to maintain one or more of the others†. Identified in this paper is an ethical dilemma anchored in the â€Å"Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act† signed into law by President Obama in 2009. This policy gave legal authority to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), which is chargedRead MoreCaso Warner Lambert6498 Words   |  26 PagesWarner-Lambert Ireland (WLI), examined two very different sales forecasts as he considered the upcoming launch of Niconil ®, scheduled For January 1990. Niconil was an innovative new product that promised to help the thou-sands of smokers who attempted to quit smoking each year. More commonly known simply as the patch, Niconil was a transdermal skin patch that gradually released nicotine into the bloodstream to alleviate the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Now in October of 1989, Dixon and his staffRead MoreCrohn s Disease ( Cd )1736 Words   |  7 Pagesbladder, rectum, skin, and vagina (Sommers Fannin, 2015). Case Study A 17-year old female presents to the office with a history of abdominal pain, distension, and diarrhea for the last ten days. She states she has been having abdominal complications for the last five years consistently. She states her symptoms include fatigue, significant weight loss (25 lbs. in the last year), low grade fever, and episodes of severe pain in the right lower quadrant (7/10). She reports in the past her symptoms haveRead MoreImproving Access For Preventative Health Services3208 Words   |  13 PagesExecutive Summary Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes account for 75% of health care spending in the United States and ( However, many of these chronic conditions are preventable with proper preventative screenings and care. The passage of the Affordable Care and the expansion of Medicaid increased the number of preventative care services available to Medicaid beneficiaries, however there are still many barriers preventing people from getting proper care. This policy

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Empowerment and Union Workplace Delegates

Question: Discuss about the Empowerment and Union Workplace Delegates. Answer: Introduction The report relies on human resource within an organization. It discusses proposals and furthermore applies with the help of a determining examination of the case study Constructive Relation at top trucking company. The HR management helps building relationship by taking care of each advantages and channelizing them towards a positive gainful heading. The project evaluates the decisive of organizations HR management is exceptionally challenging. It explains the theories, practices and models associated by those who are testing the situation. The report discusses and explores overview obtained from the journals. The logical investigation reviews and moreover analyzes each of the issues for the organizations HR. It will highlight the advancing practices in workplace that are been combined by the organization for achieving most outrageous benefit and what's more significance coordination inside the boss. The paper furthermore discusses the adaptability and the affirmation of union for th e appointed new manager when they stand up to alterations in workplace culture. Role of Management- Human Resources The procedures of human resource management used by renowned companies are imperative resources. In human resource organization, human capital as well as sources circulated for the predefined required zone are been administered with care. The case study on trucking association recommended that management of HR is in a phase of transition (Armstrong Taylor, 2017). They yard of Wollongong is champion among the most surely understood and a scope of prevalent laborer in the definitive region. Wollongong yard is in charge of one of the hardest manager of the affiliation. This specific yard inside the region was been recognized extremely and supporter for the yard's execution goes to the region's union delegate George Paros. The union delegate has witness the time of move and has given a conclusive support to organization and workers of union. Regardless, the association is a supposed one however working condition is troublesome as the directors and managers are administering and dominati ng. The unwillingness of organization to give obliged store to make systems of the association finally drove by to expect control liabilities of association by an assumed transport accumulate. The old organization cluster made the association to face more bother and furthermore challenges as the perspective of administrators were requesting and they were not set up to nurture any illustrative point of view (Marchington, 2015). Drivers were set up to change which realized reducing the support of organization and passing on changes to the dedication. At the point when the new organization came into organization they joined distinctive moves in model and practices of workplace in affiliations. Harvard Systems is been presented by trucking organization in the association. The proposed show expresses that line administrators are required to accomplish more works having liabilities and in addition an obligation regarding guaranteeing individual polices and methodologies are synchronized. This synchronized system will give more upper hands to the association. The model recommends that the detailed approaches ought to represent the individual exercises improvement and adjust them to targets of association (Buller Mcevoy, 2016). The model focuses on representatives, shareholders and clients as they are the huge partners of the association. There are four primary arrangements that are been made by the system of Harvard, to be specific they are enlistment, determination, evaluation, advancement and end feature of workers. The impact of workers manages duty and in addition specialist gave to them. The work framework for the most part screens the outlining and in addition work proc ess administration inside the representatives. It starts compensating framework for the representatives as it will spur them to perform abnormal state of work. Models Application Adapting Harvard Structure Model by the administration helped the laborers to be at the prime concentration of association. The other embraced practices of working environment helped the association in making gainful condition (Sparrow, Brewster Chung, 2016). The greatest difficulties existed for the specialists are the commanding and requesting character of line chief. The system fuses new changes that are expressed as takes after: New Line Manager Selection: The administration delegated another supervisor who has the learning of the past clash in the middle of the union and old line director. The new chief is receptive and he is constantly prepared to welcome creative thoughts. He additionally takes care of the view purpose of the laborers. The determination of line director was finished by considering the capacity of dealing with the laborers, union individuals and delegate of union Mr. George who is an old specialist of association. He favored having open compelling correspondence with the drivers for explaining their issues. The new line administrator normally investigates issues and in addition assigning duties relying upon capacities. Changes in Infrastructure: New administration subsequent to surpassing the obligations from old administration was occupied with contributing asset for enhancing the foundations of association by purchasing new trucks so that the inventory network administration stays compelling (Commons, Grossberg Staddon, 2016). The noteworthy issue highlighted by driver was the old trucks those are in operation and was not been changed by the old administration. Other than that the organization began burning through cash by purchasing trucks for the drivers. They contributed cash for purchasing the PC framework required for successful administration of stockroom (Chen Vickerman, 2017). Development as well as training: As the specialists, drivers and the union delegate are working in the association for a drawn out stretch of time accordingly, it is noteworthy to test the ability and additionally enhance their aptitudes and additionally information for the new framework that has been actualized. The recently selected supervisor subsequently started the program for improvement and in addition preparing for the drivers and the laborers (Storey, 2014). Risk for the Changes- Movement of Manager and Union Delegate A critical perspective Human Resource Advancement is to deal with the move towards another association or to an imaginative larger amount of a similar association. This development might be a noteworthy piece of development of the profession for the representatives. For this situation think about chiefs and additionally the delegate of union Mr. George plays a fundamental asset for association. The recently supervisor designated has a testing part which he accomplished it and George who was excessively old, making it impossible to the framework having no advancements in the previous years are imperative for the company (Chesbrough, 2013). Therefore, if the association looses any of the assets it will impressively hamper their efficiency. The dangers related with such a choice are under expressed: Task will remain incomplete: Both manager as well as George are critical assets for the truck organization along these lines the development of any of them from the organization will bring about presence of danger of errand being deficient as composed and arranged by chief and George. They two have settled inside the framework and development of them from the association will bring about aggravation of the activity arrange. Insecurity: The recently designated manager has conveyed his execution splendidly and won confidences of laborers (Block, 2016). On his movement from the company insecurity as well as instability could affect the workers with respect to smooth stream of operations. Reduction in confidence: workers as well as union of labor have high certainty on the union delegate. The development of the union delegate will make issue and those issues won't be legitimately conveyed on time through a fitting channel (Van Eemeren Grootendorst, 2016). Communication become unbiased: Recently named line manager share all data of the execution with respect to the yards to the drivers. This was an inventive idea and the coordination is more noteworthy among directors and workers (Peetz Alexander, 2013). Blue Collar Union As per the writing of HR administration the vehicle laborers are especially versatile to the adjustments in work environment contrast with people in general segment. Blue shading union is by and large for the specialist's unions who are drivers; terminate contenders and laborers in shop floor (Andersen et al., 2016). The specialists in this field get incredible support from the union contrasted with the general population who are working in private part and in addition administrations. Workers demonstrated as blue collar have ability with manual aptitudes however having low proficiency rate with low information in scholastic abilities. The wages paid to them depends on hourly, week by week or every day relying upon the structures of work. They are excessively close and in addition worry on the union then the association administration. The requests for these specialists in market are higher as this sorts of occupation needs work and additionally manual laborer contrasted with the administration area. It is additionally been seen that blue shading union specialist are paid significantly higher than office. Blue collar laborer are been enlisted just for the creation specialist and has less cooperation with administration. The blue color union specialists basically pick the union delegates. The union delegate arranges and speaks with the administration in regards to any issues of specialists. Representatives who are working out in the open and administration part are been arranged as the talented laborers as they have higher scholastic learning and encounters in expert fields. The remuneration and also assigned employment part to them is been bolstered by their expert degrees. These kinds of representatives do not get any support from union and interest in union participation is missing for them. These representatives have same perspectives and additionally worthiness level for the adjustments in work environments. Representatives working in broad daylight and in addition benefit division are nearer to the administration and settle on exercises like basic leadership contrasted with the workers working in transport area. Considering the administration of transport union they have huge expert that brings imperative changes for the organization of truck. The progressions are made with help of conference from line chief and additionally understanding from larger part union sp ecialist that has leased space for arrangement (Form, 2015). Representatives working in the general population and additionally benefit area are centered around arrangement of settling on choice. So the laborers of transport part can adjust more rapidly than the general population segment. Conclusion The above report is made on connection of top trucking organization. The evaluation of adjustment of new administration is performed. Harvard system model is been portrayed by starting many changes inside the work environment of the association. The organization began supplanting chief, outfits, PC frameworks and correspondence channel. The new administration additionally instructed the laborers and concentrated on the jumpers as well. Basic examination has additionally been performed on the development of George and recently designated director. The report was closed by laying knowledge on the versatility to changes made by administration by the laborer of transport division. The understanding was made on the premise of hands on laborer in respects of ability, wages, support of the union and learning. References List Andersen, L. L., Fallentin, N., Thorsen, S. V., Holtermann, A. (2016). Physical workload and risk of long-term sickness absence in the general working population and among blue-collar workers: prospective cohort study with register follow-up.Occupational and environmental medicine,73(4), 246-253. Armstrong, M., Taylor, S. (2017).Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers. Block, P. (2016).The empowered manager: Positive political skills at work. John Wiley Sons. Buller, P. F., McEvoy, G. M. (2016). A Model for Implementing a Sustainability Strategy through HRM Practices.Business and Society Review,121(4), 465-495. Chen, C. L., Vickerman, R. (2017). Can transport infrastructure change regions economic fortunes? Some evidence from Europe and China.Regional Studies,51(1), 144-160. Chesbrough, H. (2013).Open business models: How to thrive in the new innovation landscape. Harvard Business Press. Commons, M. L., Grossberg, S., Staddon, J. (Eds.). (2016).Neural network models of conditioning and action. Routledge. Form, W. H. (2015).Blue-collar stratification: Autoworkers in four countries. Princeton University Press. Le Capitaine, C., Murray, G., Lvesque, C. (2013). Empowerment and union workplace delegates: a gendered analysis.Industrial Relations Journal,44(4), 389-408. Marchington, M. (2015). Human resource management (HRM): Too busy looking up to see where it is going longer term?.Human Resource Management Review,25(2), 176-187. Peetz, D., Alexander, M. (2013). A synthesis of research on training of union delegates.Industrial Relations Journal,44(4), 425-442. Sparrow, P., Brewster, C., Chung, C. (2016).Globalizing human resource management. Routledge. Storey, J. (2014).New Perspectives on Human Resource Management (Routledge Revivals). Routledge. Van Eemeren, F. H., Grootendorst, R. (2016).Argumentation, communication, and fallacies: A pragma-dialectical perspective. Routledge.

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An Unforgettable Heart

An Unforgettable Heart Free Online Research Papers People think that a heart is an organ that is responsible for pumping blood repeatedly through the blood vessels in your body, to others it is an entirely different thing. Things such as an inner soul that produces emotions, personality, feelings, or contributes a form of happiness into a human being; many people really do have different answers on how they would describe a heart. Though a heart can be a new way to life, it can be deadly to many people such as having heart failures, heart attacks, or other related problems that causes death. When somebody dies due to any relation of heart problems or illnesses, it is sometimes hard for people to get over it. The following questions that I would like to ask are: how do people get over their love ones death? Are there ways to overcome it? Is this situation a bit too bizarre? Can we accept death? And what do you think about this issue? A similar topic is on a short-story that was created by Richard Selzer called, â€Å"Whither Thou Goest†, which explores how a wife was struggling to find happiness and independence due to her husband’s death, but eventually has the strength to move on with her life. Richard Selzer explains many opportunities to think about those large questions with some additional complications, since the story is not dealing with the burial whose heart is still beating, but the burial of a man whose heart is still beating in someone else’s body. â€Å"Whither Thou Goest† explains how a wife named Hannah lost her husband, Sam, who was killed in a shooting incident by an unknown stranger. As soon as her husband died, she quickly decided to donate all of his organs to others who are in need for transplants. Later in the story, Hannah became obsessed on trying to meet the person who received her husband’s heart, whose name was Mr. Pope, and listen to the heart for approximately one hour. She felt that the only way to reconnect with her deceased husband again was to listen to his heart one last time and her reasons to search for the heart were â€Å"A heart can be listened to. A heart can be felt† (Selzer 231), so instantly she started to write letters to Mr. Pope. Hannah’s best friend, Ivy Lou, who appears to be the only one trying to help her to get over Sam’s death, argued that Hannah shouldn’t be contacting the recipient in the first place and to move on from her husband’s dea th even though she gave Hannah the recipient’s personal information, since she works for the Aetna Casualty and Life Insurance Company (Selzer 238). Eventually, Hannah achieved her goal by finding Mr. Pope who had received the heart, which the recipient ended up becoming her co-conspirator and protector of her husband’s heart. In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that Hannah was going through a bizarre situation, but I would say that she could have dealt with her husband’s death in a reasonable manner. Some ways could have been therapy, spiritual counseling, new occupation, traveling, education, a new love interest, or other positive activities. The only thing that I didn’t understand is why she donated his organs. I’m not sure if she wasn’t really thinking or hadn’t thought about it ahead or didn’t really know how she was going to feel afterwards, but I felt that she could had kept his organs and possibility start to visit his grave when she wanted closure. While constantly reading this story, I suddenly realized that I also had my own share on finding a way to cope with the loss of a family member. I remember when my uncle, Red, died from a heart attack in 1994. I felt nothing but sorrow, grief, and was even depressed about his death. I even couldn’t get closure from it nor talk about it to someone since everything was happening too fast. The main reason why I was upset because no one in my family told me until two years later that he had passed away and it was painful and shocking to hear that, since he was like a father to me and was the only person in my family that I could relate to; somehow I ended up finding a way to get closure. So instantly I would sit in his bedroom and do similar things that he used to do like eat his favorite foods, read his collection of bibles, or even watch some of his favorite TV shows. I used to stay in his room for days and hours while never leaving his bedroom. Within a year, I finally realized that I did achieve my goal of getting closure from his death and never went to his bedroom ever since then and started on the process to move forward with my life. So I don’t think what Hannah’s going through is not bizarre, but I feel that everyone hates to see people die or sometimes face things alone. The main point is that we can’t accept death. Sometimes we don’t realize that someday we will all dead; but when you lose someone who was a close friend, a spouse, or family member it hits you hard and just knock you off your feet. Within time it allows us to heal from a terrible lost while time takes away the pain. It’s a slow process that only time will allow us to heal. There is no one that can tell you a time limit, because there is no limit, but soon or later you will move on with your life and one day we will have to face daily issues without anxiety, fear, and being able to accept death. Selzer, Richard. Whither Thou Goest. Kass, Leon. Being Human. New York: W. W. Norton Company, Inc., 2004. 225-241. 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40 Quotes About Writing That Are Keeping It Real

40 Quotes About Writing That Are Keeping It Real Wondering what its really like to be a prolific, famous writer? Wish you could learn from the masters how to craft a great story that readers cant put down? Here are some quotes from some of the best writers on the process of their craft and some brutal truths about writing that keep it real.Im a failed poet. Maybe every novelist wants to write poetry first, finds he cant and then tries the short story which is the most demanding form after poetry. And failing at that, only then does he take up novel writing.William FaulknerWhen you catch an adjective, kill it.Mark TwainMy own experience is that once a story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying.Anton ChekhovWriting a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.E. L. DoctorowYou learn by writing short stories. Keep writing short stories. The moneys in novels, but writing short sto ries keeps your writing lean and pointed.Larry NivenEverywhere I go Im asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they dont stifle enough of them.Flannery OConnorEverybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people dont see any.Orson Scott CardFinishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it.Truman CapoteAll good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.F. Scott FitzgeraldRead, read, read. Read everything – trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! Youll absorb it. Then write. If its good, youll find out. If its not, throw it out of the window.William FaulknerHere is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show youve been to colle ge.Kurt Vonnegut Jr.,†¯A Man Without a CountryLet me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.Sylvia Plath,†¯The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia PlathWriting is like sex. First you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for money.Virginia WoolfWriting books is the closest men ever come to childbearing.Norman MailerA blank piece of paper is Gods way of telling us how hard it is to be God.Sidney SheldonAnd by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.Sylvia Plath,†¯The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia PlathThe most important things are the hardest to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them – words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when theyre brought out. But its more than that, isnt it? The most important things lie too clos e to wherever your secret heart is buried, like landmarks to a treasure your enemies would love to steal away. And you may make revelations that cost you dearly only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what youve said at all, or why you thought it was so important that you almost cried while you were saying it. Thats the worst, I think. When the secret stays locked within not for want of a teller but for want of an understanding ear.Stephen KingDont tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.Anton ChekhovThere are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.W. Somerset MaughamIf you want to write, if you want to create, you must be the most sublime fool that God ever turned out and sent rambling. You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next. You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads. I wish you a wrestling match with your Creative Muse that will last a lifetime. I wish craziness and foolishness and madness upon you. May you live with hysteria, and out of it make fine stories - science fiction or otherwise. Which finally means, may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.Ray BradburyAlways be a poet, even in prose.Charles BaudelaireA short story is a different thing altogether – a short story is like a quick kiss in the dark from a stranger.Stephen King,†¯Skeleton CrewI write differently from what I speak, I speak differently from what I think, I think differently from the way I ought to think, and so it all proceeds into deepest darkness.Franz KafkaLearn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.Pablo PicassoWhat an astonishing thing a book is. Its a flat ob ject made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and youre inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.Carl Sagan,†¯CosmosAny word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule.Stephen Kinggreat writers are indecent peoplethey live unfairlysaving the best part for paper.good human beings save the worldso that bastards like me can keep creating art,become immortal.if you read this after I am deadit means I made it.Charles Bukowski,†¯The People Look Like Flowers at LastA non-writing writer is a monster courting i nsanity.Franz Kafka [Letter to Max Brod]The only way you can write the truth is to assume that what you set down will never be read. Not by any other person, and not even by yourself at some later date. Otherwise you begin excusing yourself. You must see the writing as emerging like a long scroll of ink from the index finger of your right hand; you must see your left hand erasing it.Margaret Atwood,†¯The Blind AssassinThe first step ― especially for young people with energy and drive and talent, but not money...the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. To write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.Chuck PalahniukAdvice? I dont have advice. Stop aspiring and start writing. If youre writing, youre a writer. Write like youre a goddamn death row inmate and the governor is out of the country and theres no chance for a pardon. Write like youre clinging to the edge of a cliff, white knuckles, on your last breath, and youve got just one last thing to say, like youre a bird flying over us and you can see everything, and please, for Gods sake, tell us something that will save us from ourselves. Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret, so we can wipe our brow and know that were not alone. Write like you have a message from the king. Or dont. Who knows, maybe youre one of the lucky ones who doesnt have to.Alan W. WattsIf you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects. If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.Stephen King,†¯On Writing: A Memoir of the CraftI write almost always in the third person, and I dont think the narrator is male or female anyway. Theyre both, and young and old, and wise and silly, and sceptical and credulous, and innocent and ex perienced, all at once. Narrators are not even human - theyre sprites.Philip PullmanIndeed, learning to write may be part of learning to read. For all I know, writing comes out of a superior devotion to reading.Eudora Welty,†¯On WritingIf youre just starting out as a writer, you could do worse than strip your televisions electric plug-wire, wrap a spike around it, and then stick it back into the wall. See what blows, and how far. Just an idea.Stephen King,†¯On Writing: A Memoir of the CraftFinishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it.Truman CapoteThe poet or the revolutionary is there to articulate the necessity, but until the people themselves apprehend it, nothing can happen ... Perhaps it cant be done without the poet, but it certainly cant be done without the people. The poet and the people get on generally very badly, and yet they need each other. The poet knows it sooner than the people do. The people usually know it after the poet is dead; but thats all right. The point is to get your work done, and your work is to change the world.James BaldwinThe author must keep his mouth shut when his work starts to speak.Friedrich NietzscheYou know how writers are... they create themselves as they create their work. Or perhaps they create their work in order to create themselves.Orson Scott CardFind out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.Rainer Maria Rilke

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Types of composite materials Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Types of composite materials - Research Paper Example One good example of a composite material is the disk brake pad. The disk brake pad is made up of ceramic particles that are often times entrenched in soft metal matrix. Other examples include shower stalls, bathtubs and fiberglass. A mud brick is made up of clay, mud, sand and water in a process that is free of fire and is mixed with the aid of binding material including rice husks, coffee husks or maize chaff. This has been practiced since time memorial in the ancient civilization. In mud bricks the matrix is the mad whereas the reinforcing materials are the rice husks, coffee husks or maize chaff. Mud bricks are known to perform well under compression, however when bending forces are exerted on they tend to cave in. This, on further explanation is due to bending forces exerting a tension force. Mud bricks tend to resist pulling forces acting on them, but they tend to be weak when they are crumpled. It is common practice to leave the stiff mixture to dry in the sun for duration of about four weeks. This is common in places where the weather is warmer and there is diminutive timber to provide for the fuel for use in kilns. The use of stucco has been used to increase the life of mud bricks when the kiln dried mud bricks are placed on them. Mud bricks are used in construction industry for building houses, for example, in the implementation of adobe which is an energy saving and environmentally safe way to insulate a house (Measures 126). It is also used in constructing insulation material such as furnace. In this case it could be used to melt metal such as aluminum for making aircraft components. Laminate is a kind of composite material that is made up of layers or lamina that have unidirectional composite material. Some of the examples of laminar composite materials include continuous and aligned fiber reinforced plastics with matrix such as epoxy and polyester (Inova 56). In the