Friday, November 1, 2019

Non-Human Value Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Non-Human Value - Essay Example This is because of the spillover of the larvae that do not generate in the plantations (Lucey & Hill 2012). By contrast, species that cannot breed in the plantation increase near the forest. These have a negative impact on the plantations, to rectify the result; preservation of the forest around the plantation in the scattering of some species through the countryside. The world is experiencing rapid population growth of about 6 billion, which is significantly a large number. Moreover, with these large populations of humans on earth overwhelming the energy and resources generated, it is raising alarm of environmental challenges (Lucey & Hill 2012). These are leading to excessive exploitation of resources in order to sustain the population. In this regard, survival for the fittest is becoming a trend in the world to curb the world hunger. Due to these, the world is experiencing a number of changes fuelled by the population action. In order to control the population, there have been strategies to regulate the world’s population. In this context, there has been the introduction of contraceptive pills and educating the women on the need to have few children. On the other hand, these will help in the conservation of the environment (McKibben, 2012) McKibben, B. (2012). A special moment in history: The challenge of overpopulation and overconsumption. In L.P. Pojman & P. Pojman (Eds.), Environmental ethics: Readings in theory and application, (6th ed., pp. 260-271). Boston, MA: Wadsworth,

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