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CASE STUDY THree stories by Edgar Allen Poe Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

THree stories by Edgar Allen Poe - Case Study Example In the story, the relationship existing between the old man and the narrator is unclear whether the old man is a father or the narrator is a servant to the old man. The story is, therefore, a short time documented life experience story, which the author uses to portray the personifying characters. In as much as the story, tell tale heart does not make use of pronouns and other necessary English devices; it sparks symbolical ideologies and themes in people. The story starts with a conversation where an alleged man is confessing to an unknown person. It is not clear whether it is a prison guard, doctor, news reporter or a psychiatrist. In the process of giving a confession, memory of terror prevail in the story where the man admits the state of guilt. This grabs the attention of readers as the narrator take responsibility for murder, but does not accept insanity (Poe 23). The narrator attempts to prove his guiltiness while at the same time denying insanity in confessing. It is, therefo re, a story, which involves a tag of war between two forces, one confessing a murder while the other defends sanity, hence the name tell tale.The narrator, while lamenting, tries to defend himself from any idea, which might portray him as insane. At the same time he says, â€Å"I heard many things in hell. ... From a reader’s perspective, this might be one of the causes of misunderstanding in the story, which makes the narrator plan for the old man’s murder. In addition, the story penetrates a veil of secrecy in the final night regardless of the incidental relationship existing. (Poe, 45). To ascertain the death of the old man, he cuts his body parts and hides the remains under the floor. The dissimilation to protect his conscience gets centered in the old man’s vulture eyes. Subsequently, the quest to know more remains in readers having the anxiety to understand the motives behind the killings. The heart is symbolic of emotions of the individual. It shows the guilt of the narrator when the investigation proceeds. It seems the narrator is speaking to the heart. The old man’s bedroom is symbolic in the story. The manner of narrator’s intrusion into the room is symbolic of the violation of the violation of honor that the man had. In the story, the watch is symbolic of time. Notable aspect imagery in the story is that of the lantern displayed as beautiful and decent. In conclusion, the story, tell tale heart is more of similar to Roderick Usher’s book, the fall of the house of usher. Both reveal uncontrolled imagination among characters, which gets linked to psychological and emotional instabilities. The story is a representation in the struggle between imagination and science. The old man in the story represents scientific, rational mind in allegorical sequence portraying high degree of intelligence. The black Cat The short story of Poe was published in 1843. It closely relates other works by Poe since it portrays the notion psychological guilt. In this case, the

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