Friday, October 18, 2019

Health epidemiology & statistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health epidemiology & statistics - Essay Example The city of Houston is situated on the Galveston bay in the eastern part of Texas. It is in close proximity to the Texas Gulf Coast and it takes about 2 hours to reach the border between Texas and Louisiana from the city. Unofficially, it is popularly known as the â€Å"Bayou city† since it has four bayous running through it. The official nickname of the city is â€Å"Space city†. This title is derived from the fact that it is home to Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center of NASA. This is place that contains the location of mission control. It has one of the busiest ports; the port of Houston. The place is additionally well known for its energy or oil or its many industries that deal with aeronautics. One of the most renowned medical centers is also located in Houston (Olien & Olien, 2002). The region has many housings and zonings. These are found along the main road, where there are plenty of apartment complexes. These are built using modern ideas and are mainly gated. Although others houses appear to have been built in the 1980s, there are others that were recently constructed with most of them having the average length of about 3 to 4 levels. There is a mix of the old houses and the new houses that are located within each other. They come in a wide historical range from historical to modern with some of them being older and neglected while others are modern and sophisticated. Besides these, there are also numerous healthcare institutions. The area around Houston in Texas is largely an open space. However, it does not provide adequate fresh air since it is occupied by commercial buildings and residents. It is also surrounded by a number of parks. These include trailing parks, playgrounds, and basketball courts, which are open for use by the public as well as the dog owners. The bayou is surrounded by plenty of green grass and many trees. The neighborhood in this region has boundaries made of highways. The main mode of transport is by car though there

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