Friday, October 18, 2019

My Role in the project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My Role in the project - Essay Example The time element alone should be defined in terms of the number of seconds that would cover running the specified video or scene which includes interview and documentary narrations to be participated by selected graduate and undergraduate students, as well as relevant portions to be narrated by Professor David Keppel. The successful implementation of my tasks and responsibilities is due to the effective collaboration with all members of the group, and especially with the group leader, C. Sunnie Buchanan. Through the inspiring leadership style and strategies of scheduling meetings and creating the most advantageous group email created specifically to make correspondence easy and conveniently possible, I was able to take note of relevant information that is needed to be integrated within the creation of the script, storyline, and audio background. Likewise, my attendances to group meetings were also relevant in soliciting all necessary information from the rest of the group and to addr ess any eminent challenges. Finally, I realized that not because my role was defined as a producer means that my tasks should only be confined there. There were instances when I have already completed the tasks expected of me but I acknowledge that there are behind the scene activities that need to be taken cared of to ensure completion and success. As such, I did not hesitate to initiate assistance in areas where these are deemed necessary. Group Mates’ Contributions All group members contributed effectively and successfully to the group project. Through the leadership style, skills, and governance of C. Sunnie Buchanan, all members were able to comply with the assigned responsibilities at the identified time frame. The instrumental role of regular and constant open communication facilitated provision of feedbacks, progress, performance of duties, and the need to address any dilemma or challenges that were encountered. The rest of the members’ performance exceeds expe ctations and did not only adhere to the responsibilities noted but surpassed compliance to the assigned tasks. All graduate students worked collaboratively and cohesively. The contribution of Anthony Shearer to organize and provide direction to the successful implementation of tasks enabled us to progress in identified phases, as expected. The element of time management was evidently used in monitoring the progress of the project at its specific stages, from group formation, storming, norming and performing. The provision of clear and accurate objectives, roles and responsibilities, delegation of tasks, clearly identified time frame to comply with expected activities, and the design of group communication process contributed to the group’s success. Likewise, our group worked very well with the undergraduate students, especially with their leader, Donovan Jones-Betters, whose contribution included overseeing that their respective members comply with the tasks that were assigne d. Likewise, their assistance in selecting appropriate students to be interviewed and to be part of the video project was just commendable. My counterpart in production from the undergraduate students, Natalie Pina, likewise shared her insights and knowledge in terms of production design through tips on camera angle, lighting and quality of shots. The counterpart of Anthony Shearer in organization, Cassandra Gazzo, likewise provided inputs that focused on

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