Saturday, October 5, 2019

Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement for

Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering for Admission - Personal Statement Example My short-term plan is to get admission in the Master’s in Mechanical Engineering program to gain new knowledge and refine my existing knowledge of all subjects related to this field of study some of which include engineering mechanics, circuits and motors, engineering thermodynamics, manufacturing engineering, and machine design. My long-term goal is to work as a mechanical engineer in some well-renowned organization. I have collected information about different universities and programs that can serve my interests and have concluded that a higher education in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago would be the most suitable option for me to fulfill my educational and professional goals. My interest in teaching developed since I was a child and was studying in a grammar school. Ever since I can remember, my dad used to take my brothers and me near the train tracks, the airport, or parking lots with classic muscle cars. I used to feel very excited about all that stuff. The sheer power, creativity, and accuracy that went into making these machines were all simply incredible. Years later, my parents took our family to Florida. A location that was my dad’s favorite place to visit, Cape Canaveral, very quickly became mine as well. Posters, pennants, LEGOs, models (die-cast and hand-made), and drawings all of which pertained to some sort of automotive machine, airplane, water vessel, or spacecraft became my center of attention. One could say that I am simply and more than anything in love with engines and their mechanical composition. This is the reason for me to step into the field of engineering at graduation level. Now when I have almost finished my graduation, a higher degree in a particular engineering dimension would play a vital role in increasing my knowledge, as well as in making me a knowledgeable ad successful mechanical engineer. I am interested in getting my master’s degree from the University

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