Monday, October 14, 2019

Tony Robbins Use Of Teams Essay Example for Free

Tony Robbins Use Of Teams Essay Tony Robbins use of teams is novel and seeks to enhance leadership potential by a process of self empowerment and team learning. Thus the high potential of individuals is used to empower teams as a whole which in turn improves leadership potential of individuals. Thus a virtuous cycle of team based learning is achieved. This is done by enhancing potential of team members through intense coaching before exposure to the team, rigorous strategy sessions are held with each of them, to increase the faith of members within a team which in turn contributes to team efforts. This technique is most effectively used by Tony Robbins in his program, Date with Destiny to improve leadership. ( Date of Destiny is a two stage training program which uses teams for building leadership potential. In the first stage empowerment is achieved by coaching individuals using expert trainers. In the second stage these empowered individuals are formed into teams which through a process of learning from each other further hone up their skills, thereby achieving their true potential. It is seen that team members overwhelmed by the contribution that they make selflessly to the each other partake of the joy of team participation. These experiences are said to be life changing for those striving to be leaders. On the other hand by interaction and leading a team, even those who are good leaders in their own right are particularly benefited by the program, Date with Destiny as they get to learn from leading new teams and are exposed to different experiences in interacting with people in a structured team environment. This is a novel and powerful concept of self learning used by Tony Robbins. References

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