Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Cognitive Development in Infants Essay -- Child Development

This paper is going to carry out a literature review on cognitive development in infants. The paper will review cognitive development in infants at different stages. Effects of early experience on mental development in infants will also be discussed. The research question and the hypothesis of the research will also be given. Keywords: infants, development, experience Cognitive Development in Infants Introduction Advancement made in regard to cognitive neuroscience has enabled a better understanding of the cognitive processes in infants. Studies have indicated that cognitive development in infants starts before they are born. In the eighth week of pregnancy, fetuses have the ability to hear. They become accustomed to their mothers’ voice and voices of close family members, fetuses also have the ability of listening to music. After they are born, millions of neurons interconnect in their brain, which enable them to think and learn. Scientists have established that experiences of infants in terms of touch, sight and perception in the first years of their existence, has the potential of affecting their brain development in the later years (Goswami, 1993, p. 157). This literature review is going to examine cognitive development in infants and how early experiences affects cognitive development. Cognitive Development in Infants Cognitive development is a term used to refer to the process through which infants or children develop language, thinks, gain knowledge, and solve problems. For example, when infants identify colors or differentiate things, they are performing cognitive tasks. Infants normally learn through interactions with objects and people, in addition to their senses. When infants interact with their world and ... ...ackwell handbook of childhood cognitive development. Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub. Goswami, U. (1993). Cognitive development: the learning brain. Hove, East Sussex: Psychology Press. Galton Institute. (2001). Perceptual cognitive development. Los Angeles, CA: Galton Institute. Gauvain, M. (2006). The social context of cognitive development. New York, NY: Guilford Press. Nelson, K. (2001). Language in cognitive development: emergence of the mediated mind. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge Univ. Press. Oakley, L. (2004). Cognitive Development. New York, NY: Routledge. Ruffin, N. J. (2009). Understanding Growth and Development Patterns of Infants. Virginia Cooperative Extension. Retrieved April, 17, 2012 http://pubs.ext.vt.edu/350/350-053/350-053.html Wachs, T. D., & Gruen, G. E. (2006). Early experience and human development. New York, NY: Plenum Pr.

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